Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tip Off Classic Recap: 12U Top Performers Part 1

Atiba "B.G." Taylor (KSK)

The Basketball Spotlight 12U Division was loaded with talent. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top performers from this age group.

Tip Off Classic 12U Top Performers Part 1

Atiba Taylor Guard (KSK)- Atiba went to work as King Street Kings made a rare Spotlight appearance. This kid gets a lot of hype nationally and now I see what the fuss is about. Taylor is rare court vision for someone his age and really enjoys passing the pill. His size allows him to see over the defense, rebound and score in traffic. While most coaches would love to stick him in the post his perimeter skills demands that he handles the pill. Introducing Atiba “Big Guard” Taylor or “BG” for short.

Mike Watkins Guard (Team IZOD)- While his teammates Brooks and Nowell score the buckets Watkins sets the table. He brought a wealth of experience to this backcourt and calmed the youngsters down when they got out of control. He’s one of only a few 6th Graders that really don’t mind not scoring the rock. A real floor general.

Judah McIntyre Guard (New Rens)- This kid sees the floor and runs a team better than some high school guards. He’s always alert and pushes the rock with his head up. The sign of a great point guard is being a winner and this kid just guided his team to the finals of one of the toughest tournaments around.

Luther Muhammad Guard (KSK)- Luther returned to the Spotlight wearing a new uniform and playing a new position. He now rocks with KSK and plays the shooting guard role. Luther ran the floor well and finished but needs to play a little more under control. I think this will come as he develops on the perimeter.

Will Yarborough Guard (KSK)- Every team has a sniper and Will plays this role for KSK. He’s good at knocking down the deep ball but surprised me with his toughness to finish in traffic. The game versus Sports U was pretty physical and Yarborough stood his ground.

Preston Bacon Guard (DC Assault)- Preston will pull jumpers from the cheap seats. He shoots off the dribble as well as spotting up. He had his guns blazing in their loss to Team IZOD. He’s definitely a two guard trapped inside a point guards body.

Twan Grier Forward (PWC)- The nimble big fella led PWC to the Blue Division crown. He possesses soft hands and good touch inside. He’s built like a linebacker but has the grace of a wide out. The Blue Division has not answer for this kid.

Zegary Scott Guard (Playtime)- Scott’s game was flourishing as he led Playtime to the final four. He’s conventionally a point guard but shouldered most of the scoring responsibility for the weekend. I can’t wait to see how his game progresses during the season.

Makhi Mitchell Forward (DC Assault)- Mitchell battled foul trouble against Team IZOD but still managed to show how his game has developed. He’s turning into a fluid driving forward with a mean ratchet from the perimeter. If his skill set continues we might have a dangerous prospect here.

Makhel Mitchell Forward (DC Assault)- Like his twin brother; Mitchell perimeter skill set is also developing. His handle is not as crisp as Makhi but he does have good form on his shot. He plays aggressive inside but also needs to learn to avoid foul trouble.

Justin Nwosu Guard (DC Assault)- Justin plays the scoring guard for this bunch. He shoots the pill with a lot of confidence and shines bright in transition. He has the chance to be another good guard coming from the DC Metro area. They definitely have a history of producing them.