Monday, December 19, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #16

Tyus As Joseph In The Holiday Pageant

Hello basketball world, I cannot believe this will be my 16th diary entry. It feels like yesterday that my dad told me Mr. Melton wanted me to write the diary this year. I must say, it has not been easy writing the diary, while also keeping up with my school-work, basketball workouts and whatever else comes up for me and my family. However, I really enjoy doing the diary every week and thank everyone who has taken the time to read it. I would also like to thank my family for all their love and support during the past few months because without them everything is impossible.

Monday was a beautiful sunny day, but unfortunately I had a bad sinus headache that kept me home from school. I started to feel a little better by lunch time, so by the late afternoon I was all better. I did manage to do some push-ups and ball-handling in the evening but that is all I could manage to do with the added homework.

Tuesday I had a few grades come back as all A’s and one high B. My dad I went to the gym late and had a great workout. We worked a lot on technical skills and focused a lot on my shot and footwork. He also talked to me a lot about staying focused and working hard every day. My dad is always talking about working hard. He is rarely happy with my efforts it seems these days. I think most of the time he is right so I need to pick it up. I almost forgot to mention that we had the Christmas Pageant and it went really well. I was Joseph in the Pageant and my friends made fun of me in my costume. I did look a little foolish in my costume, I must admit. Lol!

Wednesday after school we went straight to the gym and shot 600 jump shots on the move and off the dribble. I also did 45 minutes of ball-handling super hard. After my workout my dad rushed home from work and we went to the Saint Anthony vs Gill Saint Bernard Scrimmage. Both teams are really good and play super hard. I think I can contribute to either team and fit in to both styles of play. My dad loves the freedom that both teams played with, especially Gill. I love how Saint Anthony plays defense. It was a fun game to watch. Gill Saint Bernard has some crazy fans.

Thursday, I went to the gym with my dad and worked hard for 2 hours +. My dad was super happy with my workout. I know because he told me that I had a great workout. You see the night before he jumped all over me for what he described as a crappy effort. He said I got to work harder and manage my time better on a consistent basis. I was not happy with him jumping on me but I know for sure he is right about how dirty my room is at times and how I just need to focus more on one thing before jumping to the next. I came out the next day and went hard and that will be the norm going forward no matter what.

Friday, we had practice and it well. We focused on the game plan for our Saturday school game.

Saturday, school game finished well but we struggled early for some reason. We finished the game with a 22 to 4 run that sent the Saint Mathis home with a loss. I was happy to see that my brother Khalif had a really great game and my dad and I were thrilled! Peace until next time basketball world. This is Tyus Battle going to bed. Lol!