Monday, December 12, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #15

What’s up basketball world, this week started off slow but began to pick up towards the end.

I stayed home while my grandmother and brother went out to eat after school. I needed a nap because I was tired from my long weekend. I finally woke up an hour later so I decided to just eat and do my homework. When I was done with my homework my brother and I cleaned up the house a little because my dad and step-mom were out of town for a few days, and my dad was coming home the next day.

At school on Tuesday the whole school had to practice for our Christmas pageant this week. In the Christmas pageant every grade is supposed to sing a Christmas song and the eighth grade puts on a reenactment of the birth of Jesus. Eighth grade is supposed to sing Silent Night and I play Joseph in the play.

My dad came home later that night at around 10pm and as soon as he walked in he talked to me about my school game on Saturday because my brother told my dad that he scored almost as much as me, which was not exactly how I remember it. My brother Khalif can exaggerate a little at times.

Wednesday I had practice after school, our coach was frustrated at us because we barely ran any of the plays and we didn’t really play good defense. After practice we took some jump shots and worked on moves to the basket and we went full court for the remainder of the practice.

We didn’t have school Thursday, therefore all I really did was play mw3 and than go to the gym later in the day. I was surprised that day because my brother actually went to the gym with my dad and I. It is amazing how good my brother is and he rarely goes to the gym to workout. If he just decided to workout hard he can be really good because he is a natural basketball player. The beginning of our workout did not go smoothly. About 10 minutes in my dad kicks me out of the gym because I wasn’t following through on my jump shot and not going as hard as he would like. I can’t stand getting kicked out of the gym by my dad, especially at the Club at Woodbridge. There are always a few people in the gym shooting on the other side or just lifting near by, and it’s very embarrassing. No doubt I was wrong I apologized and he let me come back.

Friday I had freshman for a day at St. Anthony’s in Jersey City. I have to say that St. Anthony’s is one of my favorite High Schools so far. Even though the high school is small and not really modern, I really liked the school because of the teachers and the students. The basketball speaks for itself and if I decide to go there, I will have to see where I fit in as a basketball player. I think I can fit in with the kids in the school. Saint Anthony’s was about the 5th school I visited since the summer but the only one where I participated in freshman for a day. I took the test at Saint Joe’s Metuchen, which is also a school I am really considering and was accepted. I also spent an hour with the principal and coach at Roselle Catholic. Both experiences were really positive for me. The other Schools I visited are Blair Academy and Gill Saint Bernard both were basketball only visits, meaning we spent a few hours watching a workout with the high school team. After freshman for a day I went home played a few video games and than took a nap. When I woke up it was already time for school practice. At the practice we reviewed the plays and added in a new defensive schemes and a new play or two.

Saturday I had a School game at 9 in the morning. We played St. James and won by about 30 points. I was not happy the way I played, not just scoring wise but I also could have played much better defense and could have got more loose balls and rebounds. Soon after the game my dad, step-mom, Jason and I drove up to Burlington for practice. I got there about an hour late but it still was a long practice. The practice started at 10:30 and ended at 2:00. We spent most of the practice working on our offensive and defensive sets and plays.

It is getting late and my dad is looking agitated because the Cowboys just lost on a last second field goal and I am not in bed. This is Tyus Battle signing off.