Friday, December 9, 2011

Inside The Tip Off Classic 13U: Everyone Chasing The Money

CBC AKA "Money Team"

The 13U bracket was tremendous. In this division we also had a first time champion and a lot of surprises. Here’s a look inside this age group.

“Money Team” Makes Statement
It was a long road but CBC finally crossed the threshold to that Spotlight championship. They have assembled the best talent from the New England area even though many felt they couldn’t mesh. There next goal will be keeping things together long enough to bring home the Grand Championship.

Who Next?
With CBC winning the title they have become the hunted. There are several teams that will be coming to dethrone them. First you have the new look Team Final which features some serious talent and was within a few points of making the finals. Then you have Milbank, who made it to the championship and will be hungry for another shot. Next on the list is Juice All Stars and finally Team IZOD that still found away to make the final four.

13U All Tournament Team
Jaecee Martin (CBC)
Ismail Charles (CBC)
Chaylyn Martin (CBC)
Azar Swain (CBC)
Shyheim Hicks (CBC)
Paul Person (Milbank)
Tyrese Whitaker (Milbank)
Keshaun Ellis (Milbank)
Kaellen Henderson (Milbank)
Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)
Aaron Clarke (Team IZOD)
Quade Green (Team Final)
JP Sanders (Team Final)
Ahrod Carter (Team Final)
Lance Ford (Team Final)
Tyler Bournes (Juice All Stars)
Mike Johnson (Juice All Stars)
Trevon Duval (Team Rebels)
Tristan Patterson (Team Rebels)
Boubacar Kamissoko (New Rens)
Dylan Jorge (Albany Dream Team)