Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Class 2015: All American Game Recap

Dozier Stole The Show In The All American Game

The rising 6th Graders played the first of 5 All American Games. This was good for this group because this was the first time they got a chance to rock against their own grade level. The entire weekend they played against rising 7th Graders.

Top Performers

Perry Dozier 5’4 Guard (Columbia, SC)- I know you have seen Dozier up here a lot this weekend but the kid played that good and in the All American Game there was no exception. Instead of Perry racking up points like he could have he decided to show his full game by rebounding, scoring and dropping some sweet no look passes. I wish I could have seen Dozier and Malik Ellison go at it. I plan to make it happen at the MDC next year.

Wolfgang Novogratz 5’1 Guard (New York, NY)- Wolfgang looked very happy to be competing on his level. The guard has a lot of swagger and showed it by passing and hitting some big shots. He handles the pill with true confidence and told me he used his Tiger Wood’s smile for the picture in this article.

Herbie Ellis 4’11 Guard (Trenton, NJ)- Ellis went to work in the All American Game. He’s known for his speed with the rock and this was surely evident I this contest. He zipped past defenders for easy lay ups especially in transition. He showed why his invite was deserved.

Tywon Bressler 4’10 Guard (Milwaukee, WI)- Bressler got busy on the defensive end of the floor. He moved his feet well and caused a few turnovers. It was good to see him in his own element because he spent most of the weekend playing on a team dominated with older guards.

Mikey Dixon 4’11 Guard (New Castle, DE)- Dixon is a pint size guard that gets busy on the floor. He split defenders very quickly while darting up the court to make plays. He impressed us in the event also.