Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Delaware Report: Middle School Explosion Recap

Tavon White (Wilmington, DE)

DELAWARE MIDDLE SCHOOL BASKETBALL EXPLOSION 2010 took place Friday and Basketball Spotlight new Delaware scout was in the building. Here’s his report.


TAVON WHITE (Wilmington DE) 2015

Foo was a man amongst boys in this game. The #1 player for the class of 2015 showed his class. He didn’t have to display much of his abilities against this group. He finished with an impressive 23pts. and 14 rebounds in this one. Looking forward to watching this kid play next year.

TREVON DUVAL (New Castle) 2017

Trevor is light years ahead of his time as he displayed the game of a much older player. I like the way he approaches the game as a fearless competitor. He took the older players to the tin and dished or finished. You know a player is good when upperclassmen give him the ball to run the show.

MARCUS FLOYD (Wilmington DE) 2015

Floyd is the consummate competitor. He takes on all challengers and usually makes them remember his name. Friday he displayed speed, decision making, poise, and the ability to finish with a basket when necessary. He is a true point guard that led his team to the 13U final four. I like his game and his name.

ANTWON PEACE (Dover DE) 2016

Peace should be called Mr. Cool, nothing rattles this young man. He was the only class of 2016 player to shine in this event. He finished with 24pts and was MOP for his team. Sky's the limit for this kid. He led his team to the DII 12U national title. Watch out DI, here comes Antwon and he looks ready to make the jump.

SEIQUANN KEARNEY (Wilmington DE) 2015

Seiquann was the most athletic player in the building as he took all comers to the hole and finished above the rim. He finished one play with a tip slam that brought the crowd to its feet. This young fella just needs to work on his ball handling and shooting and he will be a household name for years to come.

JOHN PIERCE (Dover DE) 2015

The 6'3” 250 pounder reminds me of Michigan’s Tractor Traylor. He runs the floor with ease and has range to 20ft. I would love to see this young fella play with more energy and explosiveness. But he did hit the radar because of his agility for such a big kid.