Friday, August 13, 2010

Super Showcase Info Sheet

  • The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase is here. Below is a list of important facts about this event. In our effort to keep this event on schedule please make sure you arrive at the designated time required. Make sure to travel early because the NJ Turnpike tends to carry heavy traffic.

    Registration: 9:00 Sharp (Please have all registration forms completed prior to arrival.)
    Payment: Only Cash Or Money Orders will be accepted on site. (No Checks).
    Admission: $5.00 (Participating Players and Coaches are Free)
    Address: 2045 Columbus Road (Burlington, NJ 08016)

    Event Rules:
    4 Quarters (7 Minutes Stop Clock).
    Each player will play be at least two quarters.
    Man to Man Defense (No Zones)
    Shooting Fouls will only be one free throw.

    Teams Will Be Posted Tonight!