Monday, August 30, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 11U Awards Winners

Team Battle 11U Took Home Team Of The Year Honors

The Basketball Spotlight season has come to an end. We celebrated our conclusion at the J.E.M. All Star Classic with our awards ceremony. Here’s a look at the 11U Award Winners.

Basketball Spotlight 11U Award Winners

Team Of The Year

Team Battle: TB won the Grand Finale, Clash For The Cup, NJ State Title and finished #12 in the country. It was an amazing run for this first year group and congrats to their coaches and players.

11U Player Of The Year

Nate Pierre Louis (Team Battle): Nate was a scoring machine for the entire year. He put up serious numbers at all the top tournaments and should continue this success next year. Expect to hear this name a lot on this website.

11U Coach Of The Year

Reggie Hatchett (CBC): Hatchett led his team to several titles and had them ready to go each time out. They blazed their way through the New England area and clipped a few opponents along the East Coast.

11U Sportsmanship Award

Chris Jones (CT Elite): Jones played two age divisions and competed at a high level. He made the All Tournament each time he played in Spotlight events while playing with the poise of a true veteran.

11U Top Playmaker

Saeed Nelson (F.A.C.E.S.): Nelson was a true force for the Newark based squad all year. He led this group to several champions including the AC Showcase and a runner up for the NJ State Crown.

11U Top Prospect

Andre Boykins (Maryland Panthers)- He made his debut at the MDC and led his team to the Gold Ball. Right now he’s the talk of the Potomac Valley for this age group. Hopefully we will get a chance to see more of this youngster.

11U Best Defender

Jaecee Martin (CBC)- Martin is a ball hawk that loves ripping ball handlers and starting the fast break. He moves his feet well and has extremely quick hands. He’s so good offensively that his defense gets overshadowed.

11U Best Shooter

Stanley Davis (Team Nelson)- This kid definitely has a ratchet. He will burn you from deep and well as the mid range area. He showed he could score in any atmosphere especially the Super Showcase.