Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One On One Feat: Markquis Nowell: (Harlem), NY)

The Baby Baller Super Showcase was designed to give young ballers a stage to shine. Markquis Nowell took full advantage and used it as his personal playground. We got a chance to talk to this youngster from uptown and here’s his One On One.

One On One

BS: How did it feel winning the Basketball Spotlight Most Outstanding Player?
MN: To win the title of Most Outstanding Player of the year I was really happy. I was very proud of myself because this was my first year of playing on the AAU circuit, and to win a title like that you have no other choice but to be proud.

BS: How was the Baby Baller Showcase experience?
MN: The Baby Baller Showcase experience was fun. I got the chance to go against some of the top people in my class and I performed very well. I got the exposure I need, learned a few things, and also had fun. I hope there’s more in my future.

BS: What was your greatest Basketball Spotlight moment thus far?
MN: The greatest spotlight moment thus far was the rematch of Riverside Hawks vs NY Gauchos. The Gauchos won the first match towards the beginning of things and Riverside came back strong to beat us at the end of it all, even though I lead all scorers both games the second game I couldn't win it for us.

BS: How and why did you end up playing for Team IZOD?
MN: I got the chance to play with Team Izod by just wanting to be on a winning team. I felt like the team I was on wasn't winning enough so I had to join a team where winning was the goal. The coach and Jalen Brooks was another big part to my decision. I like their styles and I just wanted to be a part of that. I feel like the coach could make me a better player and prepare me for high school ball and playing alongside Jalen should be fun because in practice we push each other to make each other better therefore on the court we should be unstoppable.

BS: What basketball player do you pattern your game after the most?
MN: The basketball player I get my style from the most is probably Deron Williams that's my favorite point guard that's why I wear the number 8. But I don't only stop there and try to copy him I look for pieces in everyone's game to help mine. I watch a lot of Kemba Walker videos, a lot of Kyrie Irving videos because those are the people I look up to the most when it comes to the game of basketball.

BS: How do you feel playing in the backcourt with Jalen Brooks the reigning Player Of The Year?
MN: I feel real good about me and Jalen Brooks playing in the back court this year. I feel like if you got the player of the year, and the most outstanding player of the year in the back court you can't be stopped. That's how I feel about us; we are going to be very hard to stop. You trap him you got me, you trap me there goes Jalen. It's kind of like a Dwayne Wade, Lebron situation you can say.

BS: What are your goals for the season?
MN: My goals for this season are to win big in the National Tournament. I fell short of my goal last year at the Gauchos and I don't want to fall short this year. With this team I feel like we could go real far if we work hard for it. I also want high schools to start looking at me to come to their schools when it's time. A personal goal is I want to get better as a player and build my game up. Try to add something to my game every year so it could be harder to guard me.

BS: Give me one word to describe Basketball Spotlight.
MN: One word to describe basketball spotlight is Unique.