Monday, September 19, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry#3

What’s up basketball world, I’m back to tell you how my week went. On Monday after school my father, Coach Rich Leary and I took an hour and thirty minute drive up to Blair Academy in Blairstown, NJ to check out the school and workout with a few of the kids from the high school team. I have to say the campus is huge. It has dorms; lounges for the students hang out plus study and an enormous game room.

The workout went well but I could have definitely played better, not that I played poorly but I should have taken a few more shots and been more vocal in the games. I’m happy I went though and it is a great place to go to school. Thanks to Coach Joe Montegna for having me down, it was cool!

Tuesday, I had tons of homework to finish and I had a few quizzes to prepare for so I had to buckle down and hit the books. That happens from time to time so I have to work on the game in my head instead of actually going to the court to workout.

Wednesday was a great day. I did great on my quizzes, both A’s and then I helped my dad run a college workout at Saint Joe’s, Metuchen, New Jersey. If you guys did not know, Saint Joe’s is where both Andrew Bynum of the Lakers and Jason Williams, All-American from Duke went to school. I lead the ball handling drills with my dad’s instruction. Not sure if you know but my father is great at basketball training, he knows a ton of drills. As a matter of fact he was a D2 All-American in basketball scoring almost 2,000 points at the University of New Haven. I learned everything about the game from my father. I was born with his same love for the game, but I am just taller with more skill, LOL! After the workout I had team practice with the Demon’s, preparing for our tournament coming up on the September 24th.

Thursday, my step-mom picked me up from school as usual and I hung out at home with my brother Khalif and my sister GiGi. I watched the comedy show Scare Tactics on Chiller and fell asleep for a few hours, which I do just about every day before my dad comes home and wakes me. I wanted to go to the gym and workout for a few hours but my dad was too tired from work. So instead I did ball handling drills in my basement.

Friday, we had our first Team Final 14U workout it was good to get together with some of the new kids on the team… Looks like we could possibly have the talent this year to make another championship run but too early to tell. We have to put the work in.

Tyus Battle