Monday, September 26, 2011

Greg Tejada Returns

In a few short years Greg Tejada turned New Heights (Class 2016 Squad) into a “Big Apple” powerhouse. His squads won several Metropolitan AAU Crowns and also other championships around the country. After an appearance at the AAU Nationals last summer he just vanished. Now Greg has returned with his new called name The Rens. We caught with Greg to get the 411 on this project.

BS: Where did you go?
GT: I moved to Miramar, Florida right outside of Miami in Broward County.

BS: How did you get involved in this new project?
GT: Well this Project is much bigger than travel basketball. New Renaissance Basketball Association (NRBA) or “New Rens” is named after the Legendary Harlem Renaissance one of the greatest historic basketball teams of all time. Filmmaker Dan Klores who you might know from “Black Magic” and “Winning Time - The Reggie Miller vs. The Knicks” movie was the visionary. Billy Counsel will poster our JHS and elementary program along with Hector Almodovar, and Steve Harris. The organization will be nationwide and there will be 2 H.S. teams out in Florida coached by Lance Tejada who has 2 NYC public school championships at Wings, and coaching experience on the collegiate level.

BS: What are your goals for the project?
GT: Our goal is to have the first American public high school for basketball/sports in NYC, so I will definitely keep you in tune with that progress. We had a coaches meeting earlier this week and it was astounding who was in the room. I’m really looking forward to what we will achieve as an organization.

BS: How does it feel to be back on the Spotlight scene?
GT: Great, I look forward to supporting the spotlight like I always have. When you were with your last organization (Metro Hoops), I always knew you were on to something, and I like to thank you for your services providing good competitive basketball in the NY/NJ area.

BS: Who are some of the top players that will be joining this new club?
GT: The familiar faces from my program in the past along with a few new editions. There are a few kids finishing up commitments with other program and might come over. If so I will handle it in a professional manner. Check for information on our website

BS: Any programs in particular you would like to play?
GT: The best at any and all age levels.

BS: Can you give us an update on Rakym?
GT: He is in the lab and will be at your first tip-off event.