Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

Here are the Basketball Spotlight Top 10 13U teams. Remember these rankings are just our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. CBC: The “Money Team” won a tournament over Memorial Day weekend before traveling down to the MIT. Now they will be trying to take the Grand Finale banner back to Connecticut. We expect them to come in serious. 

2. Team Final: TF won the MDC and then went to the MIT to finish as the Gold Bracket runner-up. They are playing some good ball right now and have a chance of snatching the banner on Saturday. 

3. Milbank: “The Bank” has some personnel issues but still managed to make it to the final four of the MDC. Now they will try to shock the world and take the banner back to NY. 

4. Team IZOD: The Big Red Machine will be trying to defend their Grand Championship on Saturday. They face the “Money Team” in the semifinals so things should get interesting very early. 

5. Team Takeover: TT has a stacked roster and big expectations when they head to Memphis for the AAU Nationals. Now it’s time for them to get it done. 

6. Dc Assault: DCA Assault came to life at the MIT and made a deep run. Hopefully they can take that momentum to the AAU Nationals and make some noise. 

7. M Plex Swish: M Plex made their Spotlight and made it to the MDC Championship. The ended losing to Team Final but I don’t think we saw the last of this bunch. 

8. Team ABBO: They are newly formed we are going to give them some time to gel. But with the AAU Nationals at the end of the month they better get it together quick. 

9. New Heights: NH is still a quality team even after the departures. If you sleep on them you might go home with a loss. 

10. RIP City: RC impressed us with the way the breezed through the Blue Division by mercy ruling their way to the finals.