Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grand Finale 12U Preview: No Where To Hide!

The Grand Finale is finally here and the teams are ready to chase the banner. Here’s a preview for each age group and our predictions. We wish all the teams’ good luck and see you Saturday. 

 Grand Finale 12U Preview  

Team IZOD: The “Fly Guys” haven’t tasted the winners circle in a while now everything is on the line. They were the talk of the time for most of the season now it’s time to show they are worthy of all the accolades. Coach Carter only had two words, “Fly Guys”.  

KSK: The hottest team at the Grand Finale might have something to say about the “Fly Guys” taking the banner. If size matters than these boys have a chance to definitely run the table. Coach Fran was very modest about their appearance, “We are pleased about playing in the Grand Finale. If we play solid defense and play team ball, we will have an opportunity to win it all” he said.  

Playtime Panthers: PP is the only team in the Grand Finale with a banner, now how great would this story be for them to actually take home the Grand Finale banner. Don’t count out the Green and Black. Coach Zegary thinks their time is now, “Talk is cheap, now its game time. This is what Playtime Panthers prepared for all year long, to win it all!” 


 ECE: ECE would love to take the banner back to Delaware. They are coming off of a good MIT showing so that might keep the momentum going into the Grand Finale. Coach Turner likes their odds, “From the outset of the season our goal was to make it to the Grand Finale. Now that we are here only winning it all will be suffice. We will win the Grand Finale because we are against all odds and no one expects us to” he finished.