Sunday, March 13, 2011

Atlantic City Showcase 13U Blue Schedule

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 13U Blue Division Schedule is listed below. Teams should travel early to make sure they arrive on time. Good luck to every team and thanks for all your support.

Pool I
1. Philly Triple Threat
2. Delaware Finest Stars
3. Albany Dream Team
4. AC Stars

Pool J
1. Team Scan
2. Central Penn Ballers
3. Philly Peacemakers
4. CC 1st Black

Saturday March 19th
12:40 PM I1-I2 (ACHS 1)
12:40 PM I3-I4 (NY AVE)
1:50 PM J1-J2 (ACHS 1)
1:50 PM J3-J4 (NY AVE)
3:00 PM I1-I3 (ACHS 1)
3:00 PM I2-I4 (NY AVE)
4:10 PM J1-J3 (ACHS 1)
4:10 PM J2-J4 (NY AVE)

Sunday March 20th
8:00 AM I1-14 (ACHS 1)
8:00 AM I2-I3 (NY AVE)
9:10 AM J1-J4 (ACHS 1)
9:10 AM J2-J3 (NY AVE)
1:50 PM 1ST I-2ND J (NY AVE)
1:50 PM 1ST J-2ND I (ACHS 1)


ACBC- Atlantic City Boys Club
317 N. Pennsylvania Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

ACHS- Atlantic City High School
1400 North Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

NY Ave- New York Avenue School
411 N. New York Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401