Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble (Team Final) Entry #15

Hello Basketball World. This you boy "Fresh". I know I have missed the past couple of weeks and I'm sorry for that but, times have been a little rough. On February 17, I got an orange cast on my foot. I ended up fracturing my ankle in a middle school practice. Since then I have been keeping my head in the books and keeping my mind strong. Sometimes I just wanted to try and cut the cast but, what's the outcome of that? Not being able to play basketball for even longer. I definitely did not want that to happen. So I thought of this as gift from God. I was able to see the game from a coach’s perspective. So I watched a lot of basketball: NBA, NCAA and even Maya Moore. I did not just watch the game but, I watched how the game was being played the right way. I studied players especially Dwayne Wade and how he changes gears in a split second. I watched youtube clips and studied how to split players off of screens and how to get myself open without the ball. I went to Team Final practices and watched the team grow without me. While being on the sideline I was able to see some things we are lacking. I will be addressing these issues with my team when I return.

I also have been spending time with my second family Rex and Tyheem. I’ve been watching Tyheem and been giving him some pointers I know and he has been giving me some pointers. He is the most underrated point guard on the East Coast. I think you will be hearing his name much more. I get my cast off March 15 and possibly go through rehab. But, when I get back I will take in consideration all the things I have learned. Just remember you can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it and an injury could be a good thing. Just look how it helped me. Stay tuned for more from Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble.