Monday, March 28, 2011

Inside The AC Showcase 14U: Summer Slam Spots Up For Grabs

The City Returns To Victory Row

The City Returns To Glory

After I had The City still in our rankings after early exits at the Grand Finale and Clash For The Cup I received numerous emails claiming I was insane. But I knew that the NYC squad wasn’t fully loaded as if yet. This team proved me correct by winning the AC Showcase after traveling through a brutal field. Now they have collected five points and if they win the MDC they might qualify for Summer Slam slated for July 31st. Wow, what a quick turnaround.

MDC Will Decide Summer Slam Invites

In The 14U Division the four Summer Slam spots are still up for grabs. Team Scan can get the top seed with an impressive showing but F.A.C.E.S. can jump them by winning it all. The most interesting aspect is that a poor or no showing by Team Final might knock them out of contention. The point system has allowed teams such as Team Rebels, The City, Philly Aztecs and even Expressions a chance to leave with the Grand Champion trophy.

AC Showcase 14U All Tournament Team
Donovan Mitchell (The City)
Mike Williams (The City)
Wolfgang Novogratz (The City)
Kevin Riley (The City)
Eric Parchall (The City)
Chris Baldwin (Expressions)
Juwan Gooding (Expressions)
Aaron McClain (Expressions)
Tyree Weston (Expressions)
Vaughn Covington (Team Rebels)
Vaughn Jenkins (Team Rebels)
John Rodriquez (Team Rebels)
Ray Lawry (Team Rebels)
Isaiah Briscoe (Team Scan)
Bryce Aiken (Team Scan)
Chris Atkinson (Team Scan)
Bobby Martin Jr. (Team Scan)
Mikey Dixon (Positive Force)
Derrick Jones (Positive Force)
Levi Holmes (NJ Pirates)
Brandon Gilder (NJ Pirates)
Zachery Torres (NJ Pirates)
Mekhi Bryant (SJ Blitz)
Eli Cain (SJ Blitz)
Juwan Dolbrice (Linden Ballers)
Joshua Carter (Linden Ballers)
Eric Williams (Linden Ballers)
Marcel Pettaway (BABC)