Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer Slam Point System Update

The third leg on the Road To Summer Slam was the Atlantic City Showcase and below we have listed the point standings after this event. Summer Slam will invite the top four teams from each age group to compete to become the Grand Champion. Point accumulation depends on where teams finish in the tournament. Summer Slam will take place July 31st at Hoop Group Headquarters In Neptune, NJ. In case of a tie in the point system we will go to head to head matchups in Spotlight events and amount of championships won.

14U Division
Team Scan (10 Points)
F.A.C.E.S. (8 Points)
Team Final (7 Points)
Philly Aztecs (6 Points)
Team Rebels (5 Points)
The City (5 Points)
Cali Styles (5 Points)
Expressions (4 Points)

13U Division
F.A.C.E.S (10 Points)
Team Scan (8 Points)
Gauchos (7 Points)
Force One (7 Points)
Philly Triple Threat (7 Points)

Team Felton (5 Points)
CT Elite (5 Points)
DC Assault (5 Points)
New Heights (4 Points)

Team Rebels (3 Points)

12U Division
Team IZOD (12 Points)
CBC (8 Points)
Juice All Stars (8 Points)
DC Assault (6 Points)
Maryland Panthers (5 Points)
Cali Styles (5 Points)
CT Elite (4 Points)
Team Final (4 Points)

11U Division
We Run- 10 Points
Riverside Hawks- 9 Points
Gauchos- 8 Points
T Town Ballers- 7 Points
Natural Ballers- 7 Points
Delaware Royalty- 7 Points
Maryland Spartans- 5 Points
Long Island Lightning- 4 Points
Long Island Lightning- 4 Points
New Heights- 3 Points