Friday, March 25, 2011

Inside The AC Showcase 11U: Party Crashers

Maryland Spartans Took Home The Prize

Party Crashers

The AC Showcase Final Four teams were squads not ranked in the top 5 of our pools. The Long Island Lightning, T Town Ballers, Delaware Royalty and Maryland Spartans came down to America’s Playground with more than gambling on their minds. The unexpected always occurs in Atlantic City.

Who’s #1 in the region?

The race for the #1 11U Squad has become very interesting. The Gauchos have been inactive, We Run has won everything except a Spotlight event and Riverside seems to sneaking in through the back door. As we sit down next week to do our rankings expect a lot of movement and some new teams emerging. Hey, we love this time of year because you never know what might happen.

11U AC Showcase All Tournament Team
Preston Bacon (Maryland Spartans)
Dejuan Ellis (Maryland Spartans)
Malcolm Spencer (Maryland Spartans)
Cam Obitti (Long Island Lightning)
Tyson Walker (Long Island Lightning)
Marcus Hammond (Long Island Lightning)
Terrence Trice (Long Island Lightning)
Jonas Cooper (Long Island Lightning)
Jalen Brooks (We Run)
Shelton Applewhite (We Run)
Kiyon Johnson (Delaware Royalty)
Jamal Whittlesey (Delaware Royalty)
Jacob Hunt (Delaware Royalty)
Nasir Dowling (T Town Ballers)
Quashawn Lane (T Town Ballers)