Friday, March 25, 2011

AC Showcase 14U Top Performers (Eccles Report)

Donovan Mitchell Had Some Impressive Moments In Atlantic City

The AC Showcase 14U Division featured someof the top studs in the region. Basketball Spotlight's new scout Mr. Eccles took in the action and produced this report.

Top Performers

Donovan Mitchell Guard (The City)- Donovan is impossible to keep out of the lane at times. He is very strong and a very good athlete. His quickness, strength, size and allow him to get where ever he wants on the court, whenever he wants. Donavan is very good in transition and is a big finisher.

Chris Baldwin Forward (Expression)- Baldwin has a long and athletic body. He runs the floor extremely well also showed that he can finish above the rim. Baldwin is a good shot blocker. He is mobile and does a great job patrolling the lane. He posted up well and provides the passer with an excellent target. Baldwin can hit open mid range jumper and showed good touch around the basket.

Aaron McClain Forward (Expression)- Long athletic power forward with solid bounce and instincts. He runs the court pretty well for his size. Attacks the glass very well and can finish in the paint and has the ability to knock down the perimeter shot.

Tyree Weston Guard (Expression)-Tyree is very active and aggressive, but seldom plays out of control or makes a bad decision. Weston has the ability to forces his defender to play close by knocking down a jumper or two. He takes advantage of opportunities and loves to attack the basket and finish through contact. He is a tough defender who loves the challenge of shutting down his opponent; he often draws the other teams best perimeter player.

Juwan Gooding Guard (Expression)- Gooding is a scoring machine who can put points on the board in a hurry. This lefty is potent in the open court where he attacks the rim with a vengeance. He has a knack for scoring in tight spaces.

Akeem King Guard (Philly Triple Threat) -Akeem has a strong frame with nice length that can take contact while driving in the paint area and he's a good athlete. The strength of his game is shooting. He has a very smooth release and his shot is especially deadly when it’s a catch and shoot situation.

Juwan Dolbrice Guard (Linden Baller)- Dolbrice utilizes his chiseled physique to get into the lanes of the defense for the finish. He is a power guard who uses his strength to ward off opponents to get in the paint. Once in the lane he can deliver passes that are incredible. His jump shot is ok and he can finish over bigs due to his length and power. In addition, he has a tremendous feel for the game and can seemingly drop passes in the tightest of situations.

Joshua Carter Guard (Linden Ballers)- Carter is a playmaking guard who combines a three-point shot with the quickness to get anywhere he wants on the court. His point guard skills in terms of running the team are high. Defensively, his quickness allows him to apply a good amount of pressure on the ball.

Eric Williams Guard (Linden Ballers) - Williams is a strong combo guard that is at his best in the open floor. In transition he displayed a great burst of speed to separate from defenders and in the half court he can finish in with either hand. Williams seems to favor the left side of the floor along the baseline although he can score going both ways. He is a good drive, draw and kick passer.

Eric Parchall Forward (The City)- Eric is a long and lanky wing. His length and athletic ability allow him to be effective in playing the passing lanes on defense. Eric’s athletic ability and skill sets him apart from most of the players his age.

Kevin Riley Forward (The City)- Kevin has a great frame and is an explosive player. He is a highly competitive player who can affect the game in a lot of ways. Whether it's rebounding in traffic, running the offense, or attacking the rim, he is a problem. Defensively, he has very good lateral quickness and he can block shots in transition.

Michael Williams Guard (The City)- Michael is a strong ball handler and is a tough match-up in transition with a knack to slide between defenders while driving to the basket. He has good length that enables him to be effective around the basket and on the boards.

Marcel Pettway Forward (BABC)- Pettway has massive size and strength for his age. He has good hands and can score in the lane. He also finishes off drop off passes created by the dribble penetration of his guards. Pettway can get to the rim along the baseline and finish with either hand in traffic. He’s an excellent rebounder on both ends as well. Pettway moves well for his size and can control the lane on both ends of the floor.

Terrence Mann Guard (BABC)-Mann has nice size and length. He is a great finisher and has good body control. Mann doesn’t wasted time getting to the basket. He is very agile and quick and so he can cover a lot of ground defensively in full court.