Thursday, December 16, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Returning In August!

The Greatest Show On Earth will return this summer. If you missed this event last season just ask around or check out our recaps and loads of video coverage. No other exposure event had this much talent in the building at the same time. The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase was the talk of the summer. This year will are returning on August 13th to bring all the top talent together again.

Event: Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase
Date: Saturday, August 13th 2011
Grades: 2016 (Current 7th Graders) and 2017 (Current 6th Graders)
Price: $125 (Per Player) (Limited to 60 Players Per Class)
• 3 Games Guarantee (Equal Playing Time)
• Reversible Spotlight Jersey
• Profile Featured On Basketball Spotlight
• Video Coverage

Registration Coming Soon!