Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #13

Whats up everybody?

It’s “The General” again with another week of school and hoops.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you’re spending these special days with family and friends. Since we’re getting close to the end of the 1st semester we’re pretty much reviewing the material. We have one test in Social Studies so I have to knock that out the park. In Science we’re reviewing tornadoes and storms. I like this subject because we actually watch footage of tornadoes and its crazy to see how much destruction they cause. In Math we’re reviewing negative and positive slopes. I don’t think I’ve shared with you any of my other hobbies, the saxophone. Tuesday, we had our school concert. I was rocking it out Kenny G. style!

There wasn’t that much basketball in the beginning of the week so I worked out and watched a lot of games. I saw the Knicks play the Nuggets, Celtics, and Heat. They beat Denver, but lost the last two. They are a much better team this year because of some of the players they drafted and picked up from other teams. I especially like to watch Raymond Felton’s pick and roll game with Amar’e Stoudemire. Coach Pete from NJ GotGame told me to watch them and especially Steve Nash when it comes to pick and roll. The guard can get lay-ups, jumpers, and lots of assists off that. It’s all about decision-making.

On Thursday, my South Orange teammates and I were hyped cause we finally had our first middle school game. We played Montclair at our house. We started off hot and got out to an early lead. We kind of let off the gas a little bit after that. Nobody was making shots and we were making turnovers. Then we scored a lay up and the pressure was on again. We ended up winning by 55 points. Good to get that first one out of the way. Saturday I had Got Game practice. We had a BIG man coach come in to work with the big guys. I did some of the drills also. I felt like Amar’e! LOL. We also ran through our plays. We were missing some guys so my dad, Coach Nathaniel, and Big Owen had to play. My dad had a couple steals, some rebounds, and he blocked a shot. Lol. It was very physical and highly spirited. I went home to get some rest, and then went to my brother Marcellus’s basketball game against West Orange. They lost by 5. I think they should’ve blown West Orange out, but a couple of turnovers and not blocking out caused them to lose that game.

Sunday I had another school game. This time we played Roseland. It was basically the same story as the Montclair game. We beat Roseland by 46. We went home after that and got some rest. The highlight of my weekend came when we went to the hoop group event up at Seton Hall. I love watching all those guys going at it. It also shows me what I have to get ready for in the near future. We watched the St. Benedict-St. Raymond game, and the Seton Hall Prep-Columbia game. That was the first time I saw Tyler Harris play. His brother Tobias is a freshman at Tennessee. Tyler is long and can make tough shots and get some boards. I think St. Benedicts won by 10. After that we watched the highly anticipated game between Columbia and Seton Hall Prep. It was back and forth from beginning to end. Columbia played really well I have to say. They were hitting their shots and they were getting fast break lay-ups. SHP scored a lot in the inside. My man Dallas Anglin was hyped. He even threw one down to get the crowd souped. My other buddy Sterling Gibbs played really well. He hit a 3 and got a lot of lay-ups ending up with 21 points. He was the player of the game for SHP. Justin Martin got it for Columbia as they pulled away by about 11 points. It was a great game.

I gotta run and get my Christmas list together. Have a great one!
“ The General” is OUT.