Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #13

Hey Mike, we hope you had a great Christmas!

What’s up everyone? It’s “The General” back at you with another entry. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas even though it’s a couple days late. LOL. We only had 3 full days and 1 half day of school. We didn’t really do that much work, so it was fun. We just watched movies and basically got to talk and socialize. Christmas is always special ‘cause it celebrates the birth of Jesus. It’s not all about the presents(even though I love getting and giving gifts).

Both of my sisters, Alex and Hayley were home for the holidays so we were a full family again. On Christmas Eve we just hung out and watched mom cook ALL the food, except for the snacks that my father made. We had lil’ smokies (really little hot dogs without a bun), egg rolls, chicken wings and chips and dip. We always sit together and watch Christmas specials. Santa Claus is coming to Town and A Christmas Story are our favorites and never get old. After that we headed up to bed and listened out for the hooves of the reindeer on the roof. LOL

AAAAHHHH, Christmas! Us kids are always the first up so we had to wait until our parents got up from their slumber. We always start with the stockings stuffed with goodies. Marcellus was Santa this year handing out the gifts. I got some headphones, some clothes, and a pair of cross training shoes. I couldn’t really ask for more, I got everything I wanted, especially my family being together. My cousin Amy came from New York. She got us the book series Guardians of Ga’hoole. There are 15 books in the series which is about a group of good owls and their travels to battle evil owls. It may not seem that interesting, but I’ll let you borrow a copy when I’m done and then you’ll see. Amy also got us a movie on the book series. My buddy Austin White and his family came over for Christmas dinner. Our families are really close. We finished eating in a hurry to watch the Lakers and Heat game.

I was really disappointed in my Lakers. I thought Kobe was gonna dominate the game but he didn’t. Lebron almost had a triple double. I think they ended up winning by 16. In our minds that game never happened we started playing the board game Sorry, but couldn’t get really get going cause Austin had to leave. I was really tired so I just thanked my parents for a great Christmas and went up to bed. My brothers had a game the next day but I didn’t feel like going. I didn’t really do much except for relax with my sisters and watch my Dolphins lose. That’s my week, stay tuned for more and more.

The General is out!

I hope you have a happy and safe New Years