Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inside The Grand Finale 13U: Potomac Valley Sweep!

DC Assault Looked Very Dominant At The Grand Finale

The 13U Divisions had some good bump with teams from Potomac Valley taking home both titles. Here’s a small inside look at this division and the All Tournament team.

Is DC Assault Really Ready?

This fall DC Assault merged their two high powered squads and has been smacking teams since. This weekend at the Grand Finale was no exception as they mercy ruled every team except Team Scan. They seem to be operating like a well oil machine and might be headed for a collision course with Team Final. Hopefully they will lock horns at the Clash For The Cup.

Force One Heads To Orange

Force One won the Blue Division crown with an overtime win over Philly Triple Threat. Now both teams must say goodbye to the Blue Division and move over with the heavy hitters. Will Big Joe be able to carry his squad through the tough terrain on the Orange side? We shall see!

Grand Finale 13U All Tournament Team
Anthony Cowan (DC Assault)
Alani Moore (DC Assault)
Reggie Gardner (DC Assault)
Sam Green (DC Assault)
Ako Adams (Dc Assault)
Jamir Moultrie (DC Assault)
Rakym Felder (New Heights)
Terrell Turner (New Heights)
Unique Mclean (Team Scan)
Leondre Washington (Team Scan)
Omari Spellman (Team Scan)
Mustapha Heron (Gauchos)
Idris Joyner (Gauchos)
Jamal Allen (MABC)
Kwame Camon (Fairfax Stars)
Joe Hampton (Force One)
Keith Sims (Force One)
Vincent Walker (Force One)
Joshua Sharkey (PTT)
Jason Clark (PTT)
Darryl Caldwell (Montgomery County)