Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Middle School Action: Asbury Park Middle Holds On To Defeat Ocean Intermediate

Kasanh Morgan Led Asbury Park Over Ocean Intermediate

Melquan Taylor scored 12 points and Kasahn Morgan added 10 markers as Asbury Park Middle defeated Ocean Intermediate 43-37. Tajmir Shomo had the hot hand for Ocean in the loss.

Top Performers

Kasahn Morgan Guard (Asbury Park)- Morgan was very effective penetrating the Ocean defense. His shake and bake skills kept defenders on their heels while he glided to the cup. In the 3rd quarter he rallied off six straight points in about one minute. On defense he got a few crucial steals in the 4th quarter when Ocean tried to make a run.

Melquan Taylor Forward (Asbury Park)- Taylor played close to the basket and converted after receiving passes from his quick guards. He used the glass on most of his finishes. He didn’t really handle the rock much or shoot from the perimeter.

Tyquis Davis Guard (Asbury Park)- This kid was a defensive specialist. He grabbed about eight steals, many of them came from him playing the passing lanes. He roamed the middle like a safety on the football field. On offense he scored in transition and has a strong frame.

Tajmir Shomo Guard (Ocean)- Shomo was a sparkplug for Ocean. He showed deep range and was an integral part of Ocean’s comeback attempt. In terms of ball handling he has to improve his strength and learn how to avoid trapping areas.

Royal Moore Guard (Ocean)- Moore stepped up the defense as Ocean made a run in the 4th quarter. He used his quickness to beat the ball handlers to the spot. On offense he shows some potential but needs to become a little more aggressive.

Trevor Cowley Guard (Ocean)- The lefty has a smooth outside shot and some crafty moves with the rock. Once he gets a little stronger with age he should be a decent Shore Conference player.

Brendan Shaw Forward (Ocean)- Shaw is a bit undersized but was able to score a few buckets from broken plays. He will definitely need to work on handling the ball and making decisions.

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