Thursday, December 9, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Mr. Nice" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #12

What's up everybody! It's Mr. Nice coming at you. What a long, week and a even longer weekend. As far as school goes, just as I expected I made the honor roll. I'm happy about that because I worked hard, and now I gotta collect my paper. My grandmother only gives money for academic achievements; she always talks about education, education and more education.

My mom and I spent a few hours looking for a pair of sneakers for me; all my old sneakers hurt my feet so I definitely had to get a new pair before our weekend tournament. My mom was getting a little frustrated because either they didn't carry my size or they didn't have any more. The last store we went to was Finish Line, I saw the sneakers I wanted, so the girl goes in the back to check, she comes out with 3 boxes, 3 different sizes because she couldn't remember what size I said. I'm thinking o'boy you should have just said you didn't have them instead of bringing out the wrong size, but guess what the first box she hands me is the size I need. My mom was more excited than I Size 15s are sure hard to find at the mall. Finish Line saved the day!

On Thursday, I got a chance to watch Trenton Catholic Academy's scrimmage game, my boy Naz Chew played; he played tough d and even got a 5 second he was hyped after that.

My Weekend:

We played in the Grand Finale tournament sponsored by Basketball Spotlight. Our first game we came out a little tight or maybe not focused, but once we got it together it was on and poppin. I like playing in the Spotlight tournaments because they make sure the top teams are matched up against each other right out the gate (pool play), nobody had a easy road to the championship. Our second game we played better, I like how I played in the first half, but the second half I didn't like my game, I missed way too many layups. I hit the back of my hand on the rim two times, and I just smoked the t.v. on the last two lol. When we got back to the hotel Coach P, came to me and said either dunk it or use the glass, because you smoked the t.v. on those missed layups. Sunday, we played Team Scan-NY, me and Isaiah Briscoe had been texting each other about who would win the game. They came out hyped up and jumped on us, but once we got it together and started making shots, we mercy ruled them. It was a very good game though. Shout out to my boy Sam he went to work in the second half of the game. Next we played Team Scan-NJ, it was a little physical, and a lot of talking going on, but we jumped on them and they never recovered.

The Championship game, everybody in the gym was waiting around to see us play Philly Aztecs, to be honest I thought we would be playing them in the championship to. Mr. Rivers who runs the Funsport League (NY) was there to see us play the Aztecs too. But Faces beat the Aztecs on a last second layup. Playing FACES was cool with me, because I got a chance to play against my cousin Trey Lowe. The first half Trey was hitting us off with some deep threes. The second half Coach P, told us to get the ball inside to our big boy Trey, and he put Fresh at the foul line for short jumpers. They couldn't handle Trey down low, or Fresh's turnaround jumpers. After Big Trey had that put back dunk the game was over!

Next week.........
Mr. Nice

P.S. Smoked the t.v. is a Team Final Thang!