Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble (Team Final) Entry #13

Hello Basketball World. Its your boy "Fresh" here to tell you about my week. Sorry about not turning in last week diary do to computer problems. But last week was about not giving up. Last week, I worked out with Team Final every day except Friday. Saturday and Sunday Team Final had games up Funsport. On Saturday due to traffic we had to start our game off 4 against 5. But everybody kept coming and we eventually beat the Gauchos 52 to 30. Sunday we beat Abyssinian Church and the AZTECS... The game everyone wanted to see. It was a real grind out game and we had to hit the boards due to our big man Trey not being able to come. They jumped up on us quick in the first half but through all the adversity we stole the game in the second half. That week was just about "remembering to stay humble".

Now this week was just about laying back in enjoying my Christmas break. My Christmas break started after the game against the Aztecs. Over my break I did workout every day except Tuesday. On Tuesday I went to the Life Center vs. St. Benedict game. It was a very good game and I learned a lot. But, all in all Life Center won by like 6. Saturday was the big day as everybody knew. It was Christmas and I just wanna say Merry Christmas to everybody even though it is a few day after lol. On Christmas we were opening are presents I got some Nike shirts, Polo Hoddies and Electronics. Also when we were opening our presents my nephew Dyheir was like "Oh Jesus" LOL..... My mom and I could not stop laughing. Later on I went to my grandmom house and I was hanging out with my little cousins. They are real funny and they always trying to jump me but I win. After that I went to my 2nd family house (Rex/Tyheem). The whole day I was watching the X-Mas game. I had push-ups on the Heat and Lakers game. I'm glad that the Heat won because now all those people are going to have to do those push-ups. Over Rex house we were playing NCAA most of the night and I was killing him with Villanova. He had Kentucky, but Corey Fisher, Scottie Reynolds, and Malik Wayns were just too much. Til next week remember "Time is just as important as a gift". Stay tuned for more from Lamarr

"Fresh" Kimble