Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grand Finale 11U: Top Performers (Baby Ballers Bring Shine In The Spotlight)

Jalen Brooks Stood Out In Lakewwod

Grand Finale 11U Top Performers

The Baby Ballers also showed their skills in Lakewood. Our new scout was on hand and this is what he reported.

Jalen Brooks G (We Run)- Attacked the basket and showed that he's an all around player. He also has good nose for the ball and rebound's well for a guard his size. Brooks also gets his share of buckets on the break. But once he adds a jump shot to his game he'll be a problem.

Kenny Jones G (We Run) - Wasn’t to be out done by his teammate. He is tough, fearless with the ball. He attacks the basket and finished well on the break. Jones and Brooks form a great backcourt.

Jalen Gaffney G (Team NJ ABC)- Is a strong wing that plays with a lot of energy. He scores in transition by getting a few fast break lay up’s. Gaffney is a good passer and ball handler also. The best is yet to come with this kid.

Ezra Jones G (Team NJ ABC) - Has good vision for a little guy. But he looks to score more than getting the rock to his teammates. Jones is going to become a better defender and player in given more time.

Fahmir Ali G (Delaware Royalty) - Ali is a scoring point guard that knows how to get his shots. He has a good frame for the pg and he has the speed to blow by his opponent. DE might have another good floor general on the horizon in Ali.

Duke Camron F/G (PWC) - Can be explosive player who shows no fear taking the ball to the hoop. He looked very comfortable shooting the money ball by knocking a few on the night. Oh, and by the way the Duke locks in on the defensive end to.

A.J. Haggard G/F (Team NJ ABC) – Is an athletic wing that can go get buckets in a hurry. He excels on the break and can adapt to the half court game. His powerful drives gets him to the rim where he finish strong even with contact.

Jordan Taylor G/F (Natural Ballers) - Is a wing guard that catches and shoots the money ball very well for his age. Taylor is a decent defender that will get better when he gets bigger. Taylor is a good player but needs to put the ball on the floor a little more. And not get caught up with just shooting the 3.