Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inside The Grand Finale 11U: Gauchos vs. Riverside Round 1

Gauchos Win The Grand Finale

The 11U Division seems to have some good upcoming squads for the future. The talent was on full display in Lakewood at the Grand Finale. Here’s a little inside look into this division.

Gauchos vs. Riverside Rivalry Revived?

The Gauchos vs. Riverside rivalry has been dead for many years but these youngsters might have brought it back. At the Grand Finale the Gauchos took the first shot with a 30-23 victory. These two squads will have many more times to do battle. Hopefully Basketball Spotlight will be hosting a few of these showdowns. It was very entertaining to watch.

We Run The New Jersey Kings?

The newly assembled We Run AAU program had a strong showing at the Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale. Their backcourt Jalen Brooks and Kenny Jones put them in position to be one of the favorites to win the NJ State Crown. We will keep you posted on their progress.

Grand Finale 11U All Tournament Team
Markquis Nowell (Gauchos)
Atiba Taylor (Gauchos)
Jalen Lecque (Gauchos)
Cameron Wynter (Riverside Hawks)
Alston Tarry (Riverside Hawks)
Zedrek Farrell (Riverside Hawks)
Jalen Brooks (We Run)
Kenny Jones (We Run)
Jalen Gaffney (Team NJ ABC)
Ezra Jones (Team NJ ABC)
Duke Camron (PWC)
Fahmir Ali (Delaware Royalty)
Jaheim Tanksley (Natural Ballers)
Jordan Taylor (Natural Ballers)

Quashawn Lane (T Town Ballers)