Monday, December 6, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Huge Success

Wow what a weekend. The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale was a huge success thanks to God and you guys. We would like to congratulate all the champions and our written reports will be coming shortly. This is just the first lap on the Road To Summer Slam. Next Stop Clash For The Cup.

14U Orange Champion – Team Final
14U Orange Runner Up- F.A.C.E.S.
14U Blue Champion – Philly Triple Threat
14U Blue Runner Up – Abyssinian Church
13U Orange Champion- DC Assault
13U Orange Runner Up- New Heights
13U Blue Champion- Force One
13U Blue Runner Up- Philly Triple Threat
12U Champion- NY Rising Stars
12U Runner Up- Team Battle/Final
11U Champion- Gauchos
11U Runner Up- Riverside Hawks

Full Recaps and Loads Of Stories to Follow.