Thursday, December 23, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Poll: Who's The Most Regional Dominant Team In Recent Memory!

Was Team NJ's Five Year Run Enough?

Basketball Spotlight loves having fun with the past. Through God’s grace I’ve been able to see quite a few top ranked squads in our region. But which team can we really say was the most dominant team in the region. We decided to let you guys decide. Make Sure You Think Hard Before Voting! (These are not one year wonders.)

Team New Jersey: Coach Lamont’s squad dominated the region for about 5 years while finishing nationally ranked a couple times. North Carolina star guard Dexter Strickland was the headliner of this group. They made a Final Four run at 12 and Under. They set the modern bar for New Jersey AAU Basketball.

Team Next: Paul Suber’s crew demolished several team during their tenure. Blow outs were expected when this group stepped on the floor. They produced several high major players including Jayvaugh Pinkston, Doron Lamb, Aaron Brown and Dashawn Wiggins.

RBK All Stars: Paul Gripper’s crew known for their famed Kentucky press blitzed their way to regional prominence. They smacked several teams into submission while also producing several D 1 prospects including Mike Gilchrist, Aaron Brown, Trevor Cooney, Devin Coleman, Joey Gripper and Juanya Green to name a few.

Long Island Lightning: Hardware is something this group knows a lot about. They won two nationals crowns while also marching their way through the region. They have an MDC crown among other big titles. They produced a few good players along the way including Kyle Anderson and Myles Davis.

Educated Athletes/Team Nelson: They dominated their age group for a few years. Few teams wanted to knuckle up with this group for Chester. They have a few Spotlight trophies on the shelf. They produced some top flight players like Conrad Chambers, Jaquan Johnson, Rondee Jefferson and Darius Robinson.

Juice All Stars: There two year run was short but memorable. This past season they ran through everyone on the region while collecting much hardware. Isaiah Whitehead and Chancellor Ellis were the go to guys for this bunch. Last season they finished number 5 in the country.

Team Final: TF has only lost one legit game in the region to another team in their age group. The trophy shelf is stacked with hardware especially from Basketball Spotlight. They have a few players with big time potential. Last season they finished number 6 in the country.

Team Battle: No one has more Basketball Spotlight hardware than this group (3 MDC Crowns, 2 AC Showcase titles, 1 Clash For The Cup Title). They are entering their 4th year and have finished Top 5 in America the last two seasons. Making a Final Four appearance at 11U. They also have a wealth of potential Division 1 talent.