Saturday, March 27, 2010

One On One Feat. Carsen Edwards (Rytes Warriors)

Carsen "The Blur" Edwards

In basketball they say speed kills and this motto was on full display in Mason, Ohio last weekend. Carsen “The Blur” Edwards used his quickness, power and scoring ability to lead the Rytes Warriors to the Best Of The Best Showcase 12U Championship. We got a chance to holler at “The Blur” before he headed back to Texas. Here’s our One on One.

One On One

BS: What school do you attend?
CE: Atascocita Middle School (Humble, Texas).

BS: Who’s your favorite player?
CE: John Wall from Kentucky.

BS: What’s the strongest part of your game?
CE: My defense and ability to get to the cup.

BS: What part of you game needs a little work?
CE: I would have to say my jump shot and keeping my composure on the floor.

BS: If you could select a college tomorrow, where would you go?
CE: The University of Texas definitely.

BS: If you could have dinner with any famous person, who would you select?
CE: Lebron James because he probably could teach me some things about the game of basketball.

BS: What else to you enjoy besides basketball?
CE: I also love playing football.