Saturday, March 20, 2010

Introducing Raekwon Long (6'9 6th Grader)

Raekwon Long QCAA AAU (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Any 6’9 basketball player will garner attention wants they step into the gym but when they are playing 12U AAU they command full attention. Meet Raekwon Long of Charlotte, North Carolina. Long plays for the QCAA AAU squad while standing 6’9 and weighing 230 pounds. As you could imagine Raekwon is still developing on the floor but he’s potential is scary. His coach Corey Baker has taken the challenge of developing this gentle giant. “This is his first year playing and right now we have him a big man coach and personal trainer. He’s teaching Raekwon to keep the ball high and use proper footwork” Baker said.

On this level Raekwon can block shots, rebound and score without leaving his feet. Once he gets stronger and puts everything together we might be looking at the next Shaq. Baker also believes he has a bright future.”Right now he wears a size 20 shoe and the doctors have charted him to grow at least 7’5” Baker finished. Hopefully we can get Long and his team up to a Basketball Spotlight event soon.