Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coach's Corner Feat. Mike Scott (Hoop Dreams, Kentucky)

Hoop Dreams AAU program has grown into one of the top hotbeds for youth basketball in Kentucky. They have won numerous state championships while producing several up and coming studs. We got a chance to sit down with Program Director Mike Scott and talk about his program. Here’s Coach’s Corner:

BS: How did Hoop Dreams develop?
MS: Well I had Hoop Dreams before and so I’m hoping to help these kids reach their own. The AAU program was a branch off of our training program.

BS: What is the mission behind Hoop Dreams?
MS: Our mission is to develop players physically and mentally on the basketball court. We also want players to use basketball as a tool to learn life skills.

BS: What was the fondest Hoop Dreams memory thus far?
MS: When my 8th Grade team (Currently Sophomores) won the state title.

BS: Who’s the best player to come through your program?
MS: I would have to say Jaylen Beckham a sophomore at Lexington Catholic.

BS: Talk a little about some of the young talent coming up in the program.
MS: We have a great 6th Grade Bunch featuring Malik Dow, Darius Williams, Jordan Perry and Jalen Jenkins. We also have two talented 4th Graders Isiah Allen and Tai Strickland (Son of Rod Strickland).

BS: You guys traveled to the MDC last year. Talk about your Spotlight experience.
MS: It was a great experience for the players because we got a chance to play against some diverse and athletic talent. It was definitely an eye opener.

BS: What teams do you look forward to playing against this season?
MS: Team Battle, Elite Cavaliers and F.A.C.E.S.

BS: What are the Hoop Dream goals for this season?
MS: Our goals are to secure a Nike deal, win the AAU Nationals, have a better showing at King James and win the Basketball Spotlight MDC.