Thursday, March 4, 2010

Class 2014 Player Profile: Shepard Garner

Name: Shepard Garner

AAU Team: Youth Interlock

Position: Shooting Guard

Height: 6’1

Strengths: Garner is a slashing guard and the ability to score many ways. He can hit the outside shot and finish off plays in the lane. He’s an intense competitor and seems determine to get better. On defense he moves his feet well, plays the passing lanes and will stick his head inside for a rebound. Most of all I love his leadership qualities. He has a chance to be a very special player.

Areas Of Improvement: Shepard does have a few things to work to help him get to that next level. First of all he needs to develop a mid range game. Right now it’s either a long trey or a finish at the rim. A pull up jumper would be great. He also needs to work on going hard left a little more because this would keep defenders honest. Finally, his outside shot is effective but continuing to fine tune that wouldn’t hurt any player at this age.