Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inside The MDC 12U: Team IZOD And CBC Headed To Possible Showdown

The Big Red Machine Is On Fire!

Can The Machine Get Slowed Down ?

Team IZOD AKA The Big Red Machine has been hot on the Spotlight circuit. They won the AC Showcase and the MDC. Their championships earned them the #1 seed in Summer Slam and a shot at the Grand Championship on July 31st. The year ending event will also feature CBC, Juice All Stars and the Cinderella squad Team Final.

CBC Are Legit!

The MDC didn’t conclude without some controversy. The Connecticut Basketball Club were protested because of player eligibility. Basketball Spotlight conducted a thorough investigation of the program documents and found that everything checked out. Therefore we are comfortable to say that the CBC 12U team has legit players in our eyes. I hope this brings some closure to this matter.

Basketball Spotlight MDC 12U All Tournament Team
Mr. Memorial Day- Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)- Orange Division
Mr. Memorial Day- Ahrod Carter (Team Final)- Blue Division
Aaron Clarke (Team IZOD)
Ronner Joseph (Team IZOD)
David Kachleries (Team IZOD)
Jaecee Martin (CBC)
Ismail Charles (CBC)
Chaylyn Martin (CBC)
Jared Simmons (CBC)
Chris Coalman (Juice All Stars)
Tyler Bourne (Juice All Stars)
Mike Johnson (Juice All Stars)
Eddie Lewis (Milbank)
Cameron Norman (6th Man Warriors)
Donovan Steward (6th Man Warriors)
Kyson Rawls (Team Nelson)
Azur Swain (CT Elite)
Keonte Lucas (CT Elite)
Boubacar Kamissoko (Playtime)
Jaki Clark (Playtime)
JP Sanders (Team Final)
Quade Green (Philly Freedom Stars)