Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #26

What’s Up Diary Readers!

It’s the “Shoota”. Wow, so close to the school year ending, and I’m almost thinking I might miss it…nah…ready for my high school journey to begin. We haven’t received our grades for the 10 page report yet because our teacher gave us one more thing to do. Now we have to do a power point presentation, after that I’m pretty much done with all my assignments. This last semester has been a very good one for me, I didn’t get into one of my slacker moments because I wanted to finish the year the way I started, going hard with the books and I want to get my other tattoo for making the honor roll (all A’s).

As you know the last two weeks got kinda crazy for me with my school situation, but going into this week I still feel like I made the right decision of choosing Trenton Catholic Academy as my future high school, and with the seniors they have returning I’ll get a chance to play against them and get some serious work (basketball). I also plan on joining the student council and the bake club, because a brotha need to know what’s going on and I love to eat….lol.

I told you last week that my AAU team was headed to North Carolina. We left early Friday morning because we had an 8:30pm game. I thought it was a decent tournament for us, it definitely wasn’t one of our better ones, we won 3 games and lost 2, both loses were because of a shot being made as time ran out. That’s the 3rd time we lost a game because of a last second shot. I thought we played good defense but it was just a better shot, we can't seem to get that last stop when we need it the most.

Right now is an exciting time for me, for the first time in three years I haven’t had any issues with my groin, (Thank You God). The last time I hurt my groin was at the Nationals last summer and that basically ended my season, no workouts and no camps which made it three years in a row. At the end of last summer I started working out again and I started gaining strength in my legs but after a month I felt a little twinge and it was sore, after having so many groin injury’s I don't take chances any more so I just shut it down, but like I said before this season so far I’ve been pain free. I’m working hard and loving it, I’m finally starting to get my leg strength to where it needs to be, I always knew I was behind everybody strength wise because I wasn’t able to workout, but it’s on now and I’m feeling real good. I’m looking forward to getting a few camps under my belt and letting those who don’t know me see my game, three years has been too long. But my main goal this summer is to get myself ready for high school basketball.

Thanks to Donnie and Deon for allowing me to come to the gym and get my workout on.

Off to the gym to get it in…..focused.