Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Baller Super Showcase Receiving Early Interest

The Basketball Spotlight Baby Baller Super Showcase will give all the 4th and 5th Graders a chance to introduce themselves to the basketball world. This inaugural event will only be accepting 60 players per class the first year. Basketball Spotlight will be very selective and try to select the best players possible to make this a great event. To request attendance pleae contact Mike Melton at

Event: Baby Baller Super Showcase
Date: Saturday, August 6th
Venue: TBA
Cost: $100 Per Player
• Each Player Plays 3 Games With Equal Playing Time
• Receive At Least A Profile To Appear On Basketball Spotlight
• Competes Against The Top Players In Their Age Group

Early Commitment List

Class 2018 (5th Grade)
1. Jalen Brooks (We Run)
2. Rob Higgins (Natural Ballers)
3. Rashad Liggins (Natural Ballers)
4. Kadian Dawkins (Team NJ ABC)
5. Ryan Conde (Team NJ ABC)
6. Austin Laughlin (Team NJ ABC)

7. Justin Rodriquez (We Run)
8. Alex Morton (NJ Shore Shots)
9. Alex Bajohr (NJ Shore Shots)
10. Trevor Covey (NJ Shore Shots)
11. Nasi Reid (NJ Shore Shots)
12. Ryan Allender (NJ Shore Shots)
13. Elkana Hildago (Team Final)
14. Justin Galea (Team Final)
15. Eric Esposito (Team Final)
16. Chris Archidiacano (Team Final)
17. Judah McIntyre (New Heights)
18. Denelle Holly (Philly Freedom Stars)
19. Fatayn Wesley (Philly Freedom Stars)
20. Kharon Randolph (Philly Freedom Stars)
21. Jahir Holmes (Philly Freedom Stars)
22. Kenny Jones (We Run)
23. Markquis Nowell (Gauchos)
24. Chauncey Sterling (KSK)
25. Zegary Scott III (We Run)
26. Sahdique Watkins (New Heights)
27. Kiyon Johnson (DC Assault)
28. Ian Fitzgerald (Neptune Jr. Fliers)
29. Shelton Applewhite (We Run)
30. Brandon Madison (Maryland Scholars)
31. Daniel Klosk (New Heights)
32. Daijon Womack (Run and Gun Elite)
33. Fahmir Ali (Run And Gun Elite)
34. Anas Amos (We Run)
35. Luther Muhammad (We Run)
36. Kevin Green (New Heights)
37. Antony Saccenti (Cecil Slam)

38. Ryan O'leary (Natural Ballers)
39. Dorian Hardy (We Run)
40. Yasin Pretlow (We Run)
41. Kiyon Johnson (DC Assault)
42. Jacob Hunt (Delaware Royalty)
43. Ian Fitzgerald (Neptune Jr. Fliers)
44. Cameron McNeil (NC Running Rebels)

45. Patrick Robinson (Team Final)
46. Saveon Jackson (PV Ballerz Pocono PA)
47. Daniel Klosk (New Heights)
48. Muna Nwana (New Ro Legend)
49. Murad Mostafa (Playtime Panthers)
50. Akrum Ahemed (Playtime Panthers)
51. Jaylin Parker (NC Running Rebels)
52. Kenny Tyree (DC Assault)

53. Donovan Evans (NC Running Rebels)
54. Marque Maultsby (NC Running Rebels)
55. Ryan Conde (Team NJ ABC)
56. D' Marco Boucom (DC Assault)

Class 2019 (4th Grade)
1. AJ Hoggard (Team Nelson)
2. Jalen Gaffney (Team NJ ABC)
3. David Coit (Team NJ ABC)
4. Jaheim Tanksley (Natural Ballers)
5. Kobe Price (Natural Ballers)

6. Tyler Brelsford (DC Assault)
7. Aquil Stewart (Philly Freedom Stars)
8. Jamir Reed (Philly Freedom Stars)
9. Jari Davis (CJ Hawks)
10. Khalif Battle (Team Final)
11. Noah Downing (New England Playaz)
12. Scott Fallon (New England Playaz)
13. Jalen Echevarria (New England Playaz)

14. Amir Spears (CBC)
15. DJ Jackson (CBC)
16. Tyriece Woods (CBC)
17. Cairo McCrory (CBC)
18. Justice Ellison (Fairfax Stars)

19. Sam Klores (New Heights)
20. Noah Downing (All For One)
21. Trevon Alderman (Delaware Royalty)
22. Craig Wrenn (T Town Ballers)
23. Tyrell Williams (T Town Ballers)
24. Delroy Gayle (T Town Ballers)
25. Eligah Kelly ( T Town Ballers)
26. Mark Bradshaw (Team Nelson)
27. John Dinkins (Team Nelson)
28. Chris Allen (Team Nelson)
29. Jalen Hudson (Team Nelson)
30. Dontae Scott (Team Nelson)
31. Terrence Williams (DC Assault)
32. Xander Alvarado (Gauchos)
33. Charles Noonan (Gauchos)
34. Caleb Wilcher (Gauchos)
35. Richie Greaves (Gauchos)
36. Xavier Wilson (Gauchos)
37. Dajuan Piper (Gauchos)
38. Makhai Moore (Playtime)
39. Marc Bruce (Playtime)
40. Rajohn Figures (Playtime)
41. Jelani Bowden Carter (Playtime)
42. Derrick Glover (The Movement)
43. Bashaun Glover (The Movement)
44. Freddie Young (The Movement)
45. Naseem Chew (The Movement)
46. Jayshawn Williams (The Movement)
47. Blake Stewart (The Movement)