Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spotlight CB Spiders Classic: Evening Session Top Performers

JJ Watson (CB Spiders)

The Spotlight CB Spiders Classic continued this evening and Basketball Spotlight had a chance to check out some more talent. Here’s our list of top performers from the evening session.

CB Spiders Classic Top Performers

JJ Watson Guard (CB Spiders)- In the first half of his second game Watson looked like the best player on the floor. He shot the ball well and distributed the pill to teammates. In the second half he did get a little careless with the rock trying to do a little too much. That being said this kid has some star qualities that you can’t teach.

Silas Nazario Guard (Charleston Eagles)- Nazario was a pleasant surprise. The lightning quick point guard sliced through the Spiders defenders like a hot knife through butter. His ability to finish among the giants in the lane makes him an interesting prospect. I don’t have a real feel for his range because he didn’t attempt any shots behind the arc. He did hit a nice pull up near the foul line.

Elijah Cuffee Guard (Charleston Eagles)- When I see Cuffee I think of potential. Right now you can see the youngster’s youth through his thin frame and shooting style on his jump shot. I think in a few years he will stretch out and become a good prospect.

Bryant Sims Forward (Carolina Bas. Club)- Sims has become a more polished since I saw him last year for the Spiders. The slim but lanky forward showed supreme athleticism but really surprised me with his improved footwork. I see some good things from Sims down the road.

MJ Armstrong Guard (Carolina Bas. Club)- He’s not BJ Armstrong but this quick guard has a lot of game. He’s an aggressive dribbler and enjoys setting up defenders to use his crisp crossover. His job is to get into the lane and he does it well.

Jeremiah Hall Forward (CB Spiders)- Hall battled hard inside while using an up and under move to baffle shot blockers. He’s not as athletic as some of his competitors but he uses his body to box out well for rebounds.

Timothy Banten Forward (Carolina Bas. Club)- Banten is a huge road block in the lane in terms of rebounding the ball and stopping penetration. He has decent touch close to the rim and will continue to be a factor on the grammar school level.

Jael Scott Guard (Carolina Bas. Club)- Scott is a nice size guard that can look over most defenders when scoring or passing. His team came up with the short end of the stick against Team IZOD but he still had his moments.