Friday, June 24, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #27

What’s up diary readers!

It’s the “Shoota”, coming at you. School is finally over, graduation was Friday, no regrets, I worked hard….time to move on! Graduation ceremony was pretty cool and not too long, when I was walking up the aisle I heard a few people say wow he’s tall, that was funny. But the funniest thing that happened, well not so funny was Coach Donny from my high school called me when I was at my graduation, I forgot to turn my phone off, you know how it is when your phone is ringing and everybody was looking at me, I was trying to turn it off and trying to make it look like it wasn’t my phone ringing, the teachers looked at me all mad, I just gave them that good brotha smile and told them I forgot to turn my phone off….lol.

We got our grades for the 10 page report at the graduation. I got a 93 for the power point presentation and an 87 on my report, my final grade was a 90. All that work and I got a B, I was mad, I should of got an A. My teacher said I did one of my outlines wrong the information was right but I set it up wrong, I hope that grade is not the reason I don’t get all A’s. Now I gotta wait to get my final report card. It’s alright tho cause I got my tattoo already, I used my own money and my sister took me to someone she knew (got that discount).I got a crown with my name under it, my parents like it, they said no more tattoos, but for real it’s one more I want, I know it will be in a long, long time before I get another one. It’s a scripture that I like but I will wait them out…lol.

My week of basketball was very good. We played in the Maryland Invitational Tournament, we was straight Ballin, that had to be our best tournament and the most fun. We won our pool games by 20+. Everybody wanted to see us play Team Loaded, VA that was the semi-final game, that game was packed. They jump on us at the beginning of the game, they went up by 16, but once we started ballin out it was over, we won by 20+.

I gotta back this up a bit so you feel what I’m talking about, Sunday morning we got up for breakfast, Coach P and Coach Fresh made sure we ate bananas and drank gatorade and lots of water so we would be hydrated, I really don’t like bananas but I ate 2 like everybody else. When we walked in the gym I said oh boy sauna ball it felt like it was 100 degrees in there; the first game I was feeling good, but by the second game I was starting to feel dry, like really thirsty, my mom said that was the beginning of dehydration. Before our next game Coach P and Coach Fresh got us some pretzels, gatorade and more water I felt a little better. Hundred degrees in there, and all the parents were sitting and standing in front of the fans; a kid from another team had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because of cramping. Hope dude alright.

Championship Game. First play I threw a pass to Fresh for a layup and cramped up. It was a big knot big as my fist in my quad and it hurt like crazy. I couldn’t stand, didn’t want to sit, Coach Fresh was trying to rub it out, but I had one in my hamstring too. Coach P looked at my leg and said your done. So now I can’t play, Malik hurt his ankle in the first game on Friday, then Fresh cramped up in the 3nd quarter, he was done. The game was tied up at the half, but my boys balled out and we won by 15+. Shout out to the rest of the squad Sam, Shizz, Trey, Big Manny, and game mvp Budha for getting it done.

The ride home was crazy, I had to stretch out on the seat because my legs were still tight, and Fresh was in the back stretch out too. That was the first time I ever cramped up like that, I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure it don’t happen again. Winning the championship and coming home with the hardware made it a good ride tho.

Check me out next week……Summer…..time to put the work in.

Shout out to my two cousins Kyle keep practicing yo layups...Sean stay out the way.