Sunday, June 5, 2011

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Shaping Up

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase will be loaded once again. This is the only exposure event that guarantees to bring together the top players for each class. Last summer the Super Showcase was packed with heavy talent and great moments. Some of the top players have already confirmed. Remember we are only taking 60 players for each class. Players must receive the confirmation from Basketball Spotlight before attending this event. Players wanting an invite need to contact us at The Super Showcase will take place August 13th.

Class 2016 Confirmations
1. Nyrhique Smith (Gauchos)
2. Tyus Battle (Team Final)
3. Sa’eed Nelson (Team Final)
4. Anthony Cowan (DC Assault)
5. Unique Mclean (Team Scan)
6. Jabri McCall (Team Rebels)
7. Khalir Johnson (Team Rebels)
8. KeAndre Fair (CBC)
9. Kobe Gantz (Back To Basics)
10. Leondre Washington (Team Scan)
11. Reggie Garnder (DC Assault)
12. Jamar Watson (DC Assault)
13. Tyler Jones (CJ Future Stars)
14. Vaughn Covington (Team Rebels)
15. Nwanacho Nwana (Gauchos)
16. Jared Rivers (New Heights)
17. Ceasar Adim (MABC)
18. Jamal Allen (MABC)
19. Aaron Augustin (Georgia Stars)
20. Darryl Caldwell (MCB)
21. Everett Winchester (Sam Cassell)
22. Mustafa Heron (Gauchos)
23. Sayon Charles (Gauchos)
24. Armanie Craddock (Gauchos)
25. Tremont Waters (CT Elite)
26. Thomas Jackson (CT Elite)
27. Dyaire Holt (Albany Dream Team)
28. Alani Moore (DC Assault)
29. Wayne White (Team Elite)
30. Keith Washington (Team Rebels)
31. Malcolm Manning (Playaz)
32. Will Hardie (CT Elite)

Class 2017 Confirmations

1. Jaecee Martin (CBC)
2. Ismail Charles (CBC)
3. Chaylyn Martin (CBC)
4. Raheem Solomon (CBC)
5. Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)

6. Cameron Norman (6th Man)
7. Prentiss Hubb (DC Assault)
8. Tyler Bourne (Juice All Stars)
9. Trevon Duval (Team Rebels)
10. Shyhiem Hicks (CT Elite)
11. Enzel Sanchez (CT Elite)
12. Azar Swain (CT Elite)
13. Keonte Lucas (CT Elite)
14. John Paul Sanders (Team Final)
15. Matt Kachleries (Team IZOD)
16. David Kachleries (Team IZOD)
17. Deondre Bournes (Team Scan)
18. Keith Deloatch (Team Pal Panthers)
19. Isaiah White (Team Phenom)
20. Kyson Rawls (Team Nelson)
21. Iyair Purnell (Team Nelson)
22. Aaron Clarke (Team IZOD)
23. Isaiah Holmes (Expressions)
24. Marquis Watson (DC Assault)
25. Lucas Hudson (LWBS)
26. Chris Coalman (Juice All Stars)
27. Losini Kamara (Rising Stars)
28. Jaiyer Jinwright (Playtime)
29. Boubacar Kamissiko (Playtime)
30. Tyler Hawkins (NJ Shore Shots)
31. Ahrod Carter (Team Final)

32. Isaiah Russell (Team Final)
33. Elijah Dockery (Delaware Royalty)
34. Quade Green (Philly Freedom Stars)