Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spotlight CB Spiders Classic: Morning Session Top Scoring Guards (Class 2017)

Nate Pierre Louis (Team IZOD)

The Spotlight CB Spiders Classic kicked off today and Basketball Spotlight got a chance to watch some new talent in the South. Now let’s talk about top scoring guards that did damage.

CB Spiders Classic Top Scoring Guards

Nate Pierre Louis Guard (Team IZOD)- Pierre-Louis woke up after a tough start and put together buckets to help is team hold on. In the second half he scored from all three levels. He also managed to live at the charity stripe. He has to be one of the best scorers in traffic in the country. He finished with 24 markers in the win.

Aaron Clarke Guard (Team IZOD)- Nate’s sidekick also hard the alarm clock in the second half. He rattled off 9 straight points to push his squad ahead for good. Clarke did show his range when he got hot but mostly relied on pump faking and driving to the hoop. I’m also feeling his floater and use of his off-hand right now.

Chase Lewis Guard (Team IZOD)- Lewis gave his team a much needed spark off the pine with 9 points. He filled the lane on the break and even slashed through the lane. Lewis was also strong enough to help out on the defensive end.

Carlos Nuttry Guard (SC Heat)- You have to love this kid. He’s a problem on the perimeter because he can shoot the deep ball, mid range shot and finish at the tin. In transition he stormed through the retreating defense for easy buckets. His outside shot opens the lane up for him to attack.

Jonathan Hicklin Guard (Carolina Flight)- The Flight made a comeback and Hicklin had a major role. The southpaw stroked the pill with confidence while helping his team get out of the drought.

Brett Swilling Guard (Carolina Flight)- Swilling also can shoot the ball and loves setting up in the corner. He has good size which helps him get his shot off over defenders trying to close out.