Sunday, June 5, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Isaiah (Boogie) Briscoe (Union, NJ) Entry #9

Hello Basketball World

Monday was a slow day at my school, however; I got a lot accomplished as for make up work. We also began studying for our final exams. Afterschool, my dad picked me up and took me to St. Bens for a workout. I’m starting to really enjoy the coaches; they’re teaching me a lot of new skills. The next day was pretty much the same. After school did my homework went to workout ad then went to my mom’s store to help out, and finished the night working out with my pops like always.

School was fun on Wednesday we did final exams review most of the morning. In the afternoon we had a great time, before we had practice for our concert which was later that night; it turned out to be good I enjoyed it. The next two days was pretty good with going to school and double sessions with my dad.

Memorial Day weekend my Playaz team was in the local KSK Tyranny of Champions 14u Division.

On Saturday we played 8:30 a.m. It was the start of our pool play and we smacked South Moutain Select. I finished with 19 pts. After that we faced St. Michael’s they knew it was clap time . . . . They were with us at the beginning but we stretched it out in the 3rd. I had 21 and I was in foul trouble. Next game was against Philly Triple Threat Pow Pow Clap Time 30+ see y’all down the road.

Sunday our first game was at 9 and we beat our opponent. Then we played against Team Underrated and it was a hot one until I ran off 12 straight to open up the lead. I finished with 24 and all types of rebounds and assist. In the championship we played against KSK I came out hot had 14 of my teams first 20 and finished with 33 points to go with some dunks and that MVP Trophy. After that I watched our big team play against Team Underrated 15u in the ship and the Playaz lost to a good Team Underrated team.

Shouts to my cousin Kyrie Irving NBA #1 Pick, I’m next!