Saturday, June 30, 2018

Trenton Youth Basketball League Top Performers

Joshua Moore

The Trenton Youth Basketball League kicked off today and Basketball Spotlight was on the blacktop. Here are some of the players that impressed us while we were there. 

Trenton Youth Basketball League Top Performers 

Joshua Moore Guard (PBA 187)- The point guard was a true floor general showing good court vision with this drive and kick game. When the game good crucial he nailed three treys to help his squad grab the victory. His poise in the final moments proved to be vital.

Jack Fromelt Guard (PBA 187)- The big guard came up huge for the winners. He was tall enough to score and pass over the defense. He also kept them honest by being able to knock down the trey ball. He has the skill set and confidence to be a good player down the road.
Jeffrey White Forward (Rukiya Blackwell)- This rising 7th Grader was a load to handle as he dominated early on. He got deep position and kissed several shots off the glass. He also knew how to use his body to get to the charity stripe. He also has good footwork for a player his size.
Yavae Yeager Guard (Rukiya Blackwell)- Yeager arrived after tip off and wen right to work. He showed some wiggle in his game and the knack to score. He proved to have a decent floater and body control near the cup. He already possesses the correct size for his position. I love this kid’s swagger on the floor.
Tushyne Johnson Guard (Rukiya Blackwell)- I remember Tushyne from last year and he’s grown a few more inches. You can see the potential oozing from his veins. The only thing that’s holding him back is his lack of strength right now. Once he keeps stronger and be able to finish through contact he could be curtains for opponents.