Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #9

Hello Basketball World

Happy Thanksgiving, this week was good!

Monday after school I came home to study and finish homework. Tuesday was a bit hectic. During the day we had a concert at our school for the holiday, which was good. After school I had tutoring, for the ISEE next month. After finally getting out of school at about five, I had a workout till 7 working on different aspects of my game. Wednesday was a helpful day because I got just stay home, study a little, and rest. I also went to see the Blind Side about the Ravens Left Tackle Michael Oher, this was one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I recommend it to everyone. Thursday being Thanksgiving, I ate a lot. I had a big lunch and an even bigger dinner finishing off the night watching football, I had a good time with the fam. Friday I stood home again and just relaxed while watching College Basketball, I watched my Duke Blue Devils beat the Connecticut Huskies in the NIT Season tip off championship. I was very happy with Duke's play and think they will have a great season. Saturday and Sunday I hung out with some friends while doing schoolwork and a few workouts. Speaking of workouts, as of last week Tuesday I am on my own to work out. I can no longer work out with any of my AAU teammates, that reason being because all of them are in high school and their school seasons has begun. It would be a violation for me to workout at a high school being the 8th grade, I do plan to attend a few of the high school games as a spectator cheering my teammates on at the varies high schools. I am also excited for this week, being the start of my middle school season. Although it is not very competitive it’s more of me having fun playing center slash guard.

Young One...Out