Sunday, December 13, 2009

Final Quarter Feat: Kaison Randolph

Kaison Randolph has worked to become one of the top players in the region. The Trenton, NJ product currently plays for Team NJ ABC and recently made the All Tournament Team at the Grand Finale. We sat down with Kaison for the Final Quarter and here’s what he had to say.

Final Quarter

BS: How do you feel your team is progressing?
KR: Yeah we are going to be good. We added a few big guys so now I can play more on the perimeter. I think that will be good for my game.

BS: What do you feel are the strong points to your game?
KR: Driving to the basket and playing in the paint.

BS: What are some areas of improvement?
KR: Well I think I really need to work on my outside shot. A good outside shot will definitely help my game.

BS: What’s your fondest AAU moment thus far?
KR: Well last year at the AAU Nationals we played Soysa Orlando Suns. We were down one and I made the game winning shot at the buzzer.

BS: Speaking of the AAU Nationals, how was that experience?
KR: It was a great experience. We got a chance to play teams from all around the country.

BS: Do you know where you will be attending high school?
KR: Well right now I’m interested in Trenton Catholic Academy, Pennington Prep and Conwell Egan Prep.

BS: If you could wake up at any college in America which school would you choose?
KR: It would be University of Georgia. I love the south and I always like Georgia’s team.

BS: If you could have dinner with one person in the world. Who would you choose and why?
KR: Lebron James because I think he has a great personality and I would want to get to know him.


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