Saturday, December 19, 2009

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 (Presented By AGame Team Apparel)

Now that the Grand Finale has come and gone we are ready to release our first Top 10 Team Rankings of the season. This year our rankings will be sponsored by AGame Team Apparel. Now we will take a look at the 12U Division.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 (Presented By AGame Team Apparel)

1. Team Battle: The Team Of The Year was idle for the Grand Finale but still have probably the best trio in the country. Teams will be gunning for them this year so they better ready. They will make their spotlight debut at the Clash For The Cup.

2. F.A.C.E.S.: They used their quickness to take on the Grand Finale crown and will be looking for another chip at the Clash For The Cup. They always seem to be outmatched by opponents until the tip off and their guards’ are unleashed.

3. DC Assault (Cowan): The boys from Potomac Valley will be rocking next weekend at the PTS Pistons tourney. You already know this is a solid and hopefully we can get them to travel up I95 a few times this year.

4. Gauchos: The Choz almost repeated as Grand Finale champs finishing runner-up to the F.A.C.E.S. crew. I like some of the pieces they have but replacing Brandon Randolph will be key. They are always a threat to win it all.

5. New Heights: They made it to the Final Four of the Grand Finale and Rakym Felder put up huge numbers again. If he is on they are capable of knocking off any squad. They are still a force to be reckoned with. They will be at the Clash For The Cup.

6. King Street Kings: I hear this squad has added a few studs. I know that Gilberto Cue and George Pena are legit. They will kick off play in their own tourney in the beginning of January.

7. MABC: They made their spotlight debut and came a few points short of reaching the finals. Their frontcourt is one of the top in the region. Hopefully we can get them down here again.

8. Team Takeover: This group has some good all around pieces. Their guard play is always tough and they have a few versatile forwards. This Potomac Valley crew is scheduled to come to the Clash For The Cup.

9. Sam Cassell All Stars: This squad is also from PV and has a load of talent. They are one of the toughest teams around and should be making their Spotlight debut at the Clash For The Cup.

10. NJ Got Game: This new squad has a few new players such Nyrique Smith and Khalif Crawford. These additions alone should make them capable of knocking off several teams. The Clash For The Cup will be their debut.