Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grand Finale Day 1 Top Performers 13U Division Part 2

Horace Spencer Can Be A Serious Prospect!

The hot action continued in the 13U division this afternoon. We got a chance to see some of the top talent in the region. Here’s a breakdown of the ballers that impressed us.

13U Division Top Performers Part 2

Horace Spencer Forward (Philly Aztecs)- I heard big things about Spencer and today I saw him in action. I must say this youngster has a load of potential and hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. The lanky forward looked good on the blocks but will eventually be a big time wing forward. His wing span is tremendous.

Chester Alexander Guard (Philly Aztecs)- Alexander’s penetration skills made things go for the Philly squad. He put tremendous pressure on the defense with dribble drives. He also caused numerous turnovers with ball pressure.

Tavon White Guard (Del Team Select)- White is a strong guard with good size and some explosive moves. He loves getting into the lane and using his strength to finish off plays. He has high scoring ability and is a serious competitor.

Marcus Floyd Guard (Del Team Select)- Floyd can stroke and run an offense if needed. He got into the seams of the defense and made things happen. He wasn’t afraid to travel into the land of the giants and get buckets.

Donovan Mitchell Guard (The City)- Mitchell has a chance to be big time. His size at the guard spot stands out on this level. He seems to always make the correct play and will only get better. Once he grows into his body it might be over for other guards.

Wolfgang Novogratz Guard (The City)- Once again Wolfgang helped the squad from the perimeter. He nailed 6 treys to open up a once close game. This youngster doesn’t fear the moment and loves to take the big shot. Today he came through in a big way.

Ronshord Allen-Shabazz Guard (Showtime All Stars)- The lefty has a strong frame and goes hard on both ends. His outside shot is decent and should only improve but he has the scoring ability you can’t teach.

Di-Antre James Guard (Showtime All Stars)- Another lefty for this North Carolina squad that excels in transition and has a nice stroke from the perimeter. His game is very fluid and he loves to put the rock in the hole.

Malik Maitland Guard (Gauchos)- The south had a crossover dribble that shook the defender out his boots. He was a huge factor this afternoon and continues to become a true floor general.

Mustafa Jones Forward (Gauchos)- The lanky forward did damage inside with his length. He blocked a couple of shots and hit the boards hard. His game is truly coming together so be on the look-out for him.

Jaquan McKennon Guard (Gauchos)- Jaquan showed some good signs today. He toned down the ball handling a bit instead concentrated on scoring with the floater and getting teammates involved.