Monday, March 2, 2009

Basketball Spotlight Top 10: 11 and Under Division

Team Battle Holds The #1 Spot

Basketball Spotlight will be releasing monthly team rankings for each age group. The Basketball Spotlight Top 10 will be based on quality tournament wins. We pride ourselves on being unbiased and letting the teams prove themselves on the floor. The season is young and there’s still a lot of basketball to be played. Here’s our first 11 and Under Regional Top 10.

Basketball Spotlight 11 and Under Top 10

1. Team Battle- Battle won the MLK Classic, New Heights Tourney and the Clash For The Cup. They have the pieces needed to make a serious run at the Nationals and seem to be a team on a mission. Right now they have a target on their backs and must be ready for all comers.

2. Maryland Bulls- The Bulls won the MIT and most recently the Show Me Invitational. They have the top inside presence I’ve seen on the East Coast and the coaching to be a Team Of The Summer Candidate. Hopefully we can get a Bulls vs. Battle Showdown at the MDC.

3. NYC Gauchos- The Gauchos won the Grand Finale 08 and finished runner up in several events including New Heights Tourney, Clash For The Cup and Show Me Invitational. Their guard play is top notch.

4. F.A.C.E.S- The boys from Newark, NJ are a big man away from challenging any team ahead of them. They made it to the finals of the Grand Finale and MLK Classic. The scary part is some of their top players are really 10U eligible.

5. Sam Cassell All Stars- The boys from B-More impressed me at the MIT and at the Show Me Invitational. They have a balanced attack and some experienced back court players. Hopefully I can keep an eye on their progress.

6. New Heights- This squad has a talented crew and won the KSK tournament. They have enough fire power to take anyone to the limit just ask Maryland Bulls who needed double overtime to defeat NH. They are a force to be reckoned with.

7. Team Scan- This first year program was runner up at the KSK tourney and has the talent to crack the Top 5 of this list. Their coach is very passionate and will keep them focused as they try to make their move this spring.

8. Team Artest- The hungry bunch from Queens Bridge came on the scene this year and made their name known. In the Clash For The Cup they took some of the top teams in the region to the limit. Their very scrappy and are capable of beating anyone on any given day.

9. King Street Kings- The Kings looked good early on at the MLK Classic and made it out the pool at the MIT. They have some good pieces and hopefully we can get a good look at them soon.

10. KBR Raptors- KBR started off a little slow at the Grand Finale but apparently the real squad will be in the building at the Atlantic City Showcase. It should be very interesting to see.