Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Jordan Forehand Entry #4

Hello, Basketball World:

It's your boy Jordan. I got back from Puerto Rico on Thursday. I was out there with my mom, grand mom and my friend, Darren. I still had to study while we were out there, but I did get some time to work on some basketball drills and shoot around. It was really hot out there!

When we got back on Thursday, I had practice with my Jersey Shore Shots team, coached by Adam Turner of Hoop Group. A lot of running, a lot of drills on defense...the usual. On Friday, I went out to the shooting academy in Edison and worked on the jumper. I wish I had one of those machines at my house. I would never get off of it!

This weekend, I had a tournament out at Fairleigh Dickinson with Sports University. It was only our second tournament, but unlike last week when we lost in the championship, this week we won. We beat the Westchester Hawks Select team in the championship. It was a very competitive game. Coaches Ed Molloy and Brian Coleman really prepared us well. Manager Ed Bright gave us all a very motivational speech as we all prepared to head home. The players are all getting to know each other better which is going to make us very hard to beat as the season goes on.

All in all, it was a good weekend. My collage team, Villanova, is still playing in the NCAA tournament. Go Wildcats! I have to go now and put in some practice time with my trumpet. I have a school concert coming up in a few weeks.

J-4 Out!