Monday, February 18, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #3

Hello basketball World I'm back again to tell you how my week went and what I have coming up.I recall in my last blog telling the Basketball World that I was going on vacation and please let me tell you guys that I did have the time of my life. I went to St. Lucia in the Caribbean and had so much fun. Exploring new places and participating in different activities really shows you what's out there. First, let me tell you guys what I did day-by-day. My mom and I arrived on Wednesday in the middle of the day and it all started as soon as we arrived. When we got to the hotel, I jumped right in the pool so I could enjoy the warmer weather. On Thursday, we took A 'Wave-Rider' and battled the Caribbean Sea waves as we went to an island called Martinique. There they speak French. The streets were narrow and the people may have been poor, but they sure did enjoy what they had. We got back to the hotel towards the end of the day and it was dinner and “Lights Out” for me !!!!

The next day we visited Sandals a Resort that has many different and exciting places. My brother works for Sandals so we got a free pass for the day. We certainly enjoyed ourselves by swimming in pools and the sea. I also lost several games of ping pong to my mother. LOL! Just like yesterday when we got back to the hotel, it was dinner and “Lights Out”!!!!!! The next day we went to the Sulfre` which is a Volcano where you can walk on it. That was extremely interesting. On the ride home we stopped by a beach and went swimming in the sea...YES KYLE ANDERSON ACTUALLY WAS IN THE SEA!!!LOL. The next day we were in chill mode for the whole day. The day after that we made our way back home. Even though I did enjoy myself, I couldn't wait to get home. This trip was something that I will never forget. I had the time of my life!

As soon as I returned, it was back to reality. I mean that literally. I got back home about 5pm on Monday night and I had a game with my two older brothers Duanne and Jamar at 9pm.This is a men’s league in Fair Lawn, N.J. We lost the game but I did very well considering I was playing against some good players. My oldest brother Duanne played at D3 New Jersey City University (with Omar Cooper, if you don’t know who he is ask anyone in the Newark or East Orange area. His game is sick!), Jamar played D1 football at UCONN and my cousin Ahmad played D2 at NJIT. Also on the team is Damien Bacote who played Alabama. The other team had Kent Culuko who played at James Madison and led the country in 3 point shooting his senior year. They also had Clayton Barker of D2 NJIT and Albert Torres and Benny Allen of Ramapo. I ended the game with 13 points and about 6 or 7 assist. They pressed us the whole game. I made some turnovers, but for the most part handled it well. Towards the end of the game they were trapping me and I split the trap, the third player came at me and I backed dribbled and hit him with a crossover that almost made him fall. The people in the stands enjoyed that move. This weekend I am attending the Presidents Day All American Tournament in Portland Or. . I will be playing with the Long Island Lightning. Next week I will fill you in on how we did. Hopefully we bring back home a chip and bring some more notice to New Jersey and New York.